Shrima Malati: Anal Cruise (part 2/3)

I slept really good. These hollydays are great!
It's only the second day with sexy Shrima Malati and we have already been fucking like rabbits.

Yesterday Shrima made me crazy: she was cleaning floors standing in ultra sexy doggy style position.

So I fucked her in the shower (click here to see the video).

But today I fucked her small tight asshole before going to the beach!

Date 30/11/2017 Good girl Shrima Malati Duration 55 mins

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The Painting Lesson
The Painting Lesson
The Painting Lesson

The Painting Lesson

Every Monday Isabelle goes back home after school as fast as she can to get in time for her private lesson.

She has a real passion for painting but her father was always telling her: “I’m sorry, you have no talent at all!”

And that’s true: Isabelle has never had any talent. What she has is a huge desire for her painting teacher.
She has always been too shy to tell him anything but each lesson just before the start this naughty young girl sticks her anal plug inside her tight asshole and dreams that one day she would open her feelings to her beloved teacher.



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Date 22/11/2017 Good girl Isabelle Stern Duration 36 mins

Anal Casting with Bambi Dee
Anal Casting with Bambi Dee
Anal Casting with Bambi Dee

Anal Casting with Bambi Dee

Hi bro ! Today I meet Bambi Dee.
Shy blond. New in the busyness. Very small experience.
She is really lucky to meet me for her anal beginning !

Feedbacks :
-energy : 14/20 still too shy. But kind and polite. Politeness is so important!
-sensuality : 16/20 delicious pussy, soft skin, amazing blowjobs. She can come back home anytime she wants!
-anal performances : 16/20 small anus, but perfectly operational.
-special mention : big innocent eyes, I love it.

Result : 
15,3/20 : a well trained sexy cat.
I can't wait to meet her again.


Date 15/12/2017 Good girl Bambi Dee Duration 42 mins

Anal Casting with Daniella Margot
Anal Casting with Daniella Margot
Anal Casting with Daniella Margot

Anal Casting with Daniella Margot

Hi Bro!
Today I welcome Daniella Margot, 19 years old, full of tits, ass, and ambitions, for her 1st ANAL SEX CASTING!!!

- energy: 14/20 super sweet but still a little bit cold.
- pussy: 19/20 extraordinary! Soooo soft!
- anal flexibility: 13/20 she's brave! But still needs to relax.
- special power: amazing body. Round but with great proportions. Amazing ass, so bumpy! And beautiful deep blue eyes.

15/20 very good potential! I'll fuck her out of job with no trouble and will offer her other movies with bigger budget. It's a success.
I approve this sweet ass!



Date 23/11/2017 Good girl Daniella Margot Duration 50 mins

Sexy Doll Training
Sexy Doll Training
Sexy Doll Training

Sexy Doll Training

I prefer girls from good families, you know. Melissa appeared in my life not so long ago. This young hot girl is a real jem! I felt that we'd be much more than just friends at the very time I saw this redhead beauty.

Somehow I felt that Melissa had great sexual potential, that she would be a passionate lover. We talked a lot and on some point our conversation moved to intimate areas. The girl confessed about her sexual experiences and asked me some innocent questions and then...

...we suddenly found ourselves in my bedroom and Melissa had her first sex lesson.

Exclusive model!


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Date 25/11/2017 Good girl Melissa Duration 33 mins

"Hard Candy" with Daniella Margot

Daniella just separated with her boyfriend.

I asked her few to know why, and she told me what happened.
 The poor boy had erectyle disfunction, he was losing his erection during sex.

At the beginning she had hope that the trouble will solve with time.
But no. It became worst and worst.
And finaly, she quitted him, without even telling why. 
But I know why. She needs a hard cock.

And you ask me : I think she needs it in the ass !




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Date 05/12/2017 Good girl Daniella Margot Duration 37 mins