Adele Virgin, sa toute première fois

Adele est encore vierge, à 20 ans.
Çà parrait incroyable... elle est si jolie. Mais elle voulait attendre.
Pour que çà première fois soit parfaite, comme dans un compte de fée.
Lorsqu’elle m’a rencontré, je lui ai fait promis une expérience inoubliable.
Du rêve, des paillettes, beaucoup de plaisir,

ET EN PLUS, je lui apprendrai tous les secrets qui feront d’elleune experte du sexe, qui rendra folle de désire tous les hommes qui auront la chance d’enfoncer leur queue dans sa petite fente innocente.

Aujourd’hui, je vais exocer ces rêves de jeunes fille.
Il est temps de commencer la leçon!

Date 14/07/2021 Coquine Adele Virgin Durée 43 mins

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Magic Stick #2
Magic Stick #2
Magic Stick #2

Magic Stick #2

The second part of the "Magic Stick" series! 

Here comes Jean-Marie and shows the two naughty blondies what a real magic wand should look like and what miracles it can create! Look! He just takes his hard and thick Magic Wand out from his pants and the girls get wet! That's the first miracle!

Suddenly Gina and Elena - yes, they are here again! - felt some irresistable desire to take that thick stick in the mouth and suck, suck.. lick and suck again and again till it cums with a portion of sweet nectar.. The girls feel like honeybees who can't stand sucking a sweet flower stamen but.. they want something else! They want the magic sweet stick deep inside their holes, this will bring so long-awaited sweetness and bliss inside the whole young body from nipples going down through the clit till the very fingertips..

Watch the two young girls enjoying the Magic Stick filling their buttholes and pussies! I have enjoyed!

Date 13/07/2021 Coquine Elena Vedem, Gina Gerson Durée 47 mins

Monster Daddy
Monster Daddy
Monster Daddy

Monster Daddy

Sasha and Yukki are huge anime lovers and often watch sex images together.

One day they were bored - if such naughty girls can ever be bored - and decided to take photos in poses reproducing anime characters. At some moment they saw a super dissolute picture with a blue-haired anime girl spreading her butt chicks and showing a big anal gape.

- Can we do that? - Yukki asked. She persuaded Sasha to try.

Although Sasha did her best to gape her anus, it didn't work. Her tight asshole didn't want to gape. As always, naughty Yukki had a good idea: they will use a glass dildo and lube!

Yukki inserted the sex toy stick into Sasha's ass and... the girls liked it! The redhead one loved how the glass toy looked going deep into the asshole and the receiving brunette was enjoying the feeling of her tight anus filled.

The two naughties started to take photos of themselves in anime style.. But.. they needed something more. They needed to call uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob was a little strange Yukki's uncle but he was a nice guy ready to help. Besides, he had a big tool! The bad girls covered Bob's eyes with panties and Sasha started to suck his quickly aroused dick.

- Something wet is tickling my dick! Is it your cat, Yukki? - asked uncle Bob.

- No, it's not a cat... - his lecherous niece replied.

Watch Yukki masturbating her ass and making her uncle watch while Sasha is sucking and riding the man's dick with all her holes!

Crazy threesome sex story!

Date 28/06/2021 Coquine Sasha Sparrow, Yukki Amey Durée 47 mins



Quoi de mieux pour Noël qu'un anus d'adolescente?
Roxy Lips est de retour, pour poser devant la caméra et sauter sur ma bite.
Je t'en prie, profite du spectacle!

Date 06/07/2021 Coquine Durée mins

Baby in Trouble
Baby in Trouble
Baby in Trouble

Baby in Trouble

Meet a new hot anal sex scene from Jean-Marie Corda and pretty hot Katty West. These guys love role playing in sex and... Ok, you will see everything in detail yourself just in a minute!

Katty finds a present on her bed with sexy red lingerie and a glass dildo. The note coming with the gifts orders to stick the content in her ass! What an intriguing surprise!

Having put the new red lingerie on and teasing her pussy with a Hitachi Magic Wand, Katty tries the new glass dildo in her tight asshole. It seems, the size fits perfectly just like it was made specially for Katty's anus! In the middle of the masturbation, she hears a sound of the door opening. Oh, no! Her "Daddy" came home too early!

Katty loved playing this game, she loved pretending to be a daddy's girl getting caught during masturbation and then being punished! Jean-Marie indulges the naughty girl's fantsies and plays his role well!

So, angry Daddy catched his girl lying with legs spread wide with a ribbed glass dildo sticking out her young ass! Katty tries to hide behind a pillow but her "Daddy" goes mad, gives her some spanks and starts to pull the glass toy in and out her anus asking if that's what Katty likes to do!

You'll have to watch yourself to know what happened next. You will see haaard anal sex with this tiny cutie. Oh, this girl loves anal so bad! See her amazingly huge anal gape! It seems that her anus cries out loud: "Fuck me! I need you! Fill me with something, I am so empty!!"

Enjoy! ))

Date 22/07/2021 Coquine Katty West Durée 25 mins

Barbie aime la bite
Barbie aime la bite
Barbie aime la bite

Barbie aime la bite

J'ai eu beaucoup de chance de la choper sur Tinder:
Pole-Danseuse, surement stripeuse, le match parfait.
Après quelques messages à peine, elle a commencé à m'envoyer des vidéos cochones avec son mobile.
Là j'ai compris directe qu'elle avait un gros potentiel anal pour mon site.
Assiez toi frérot, et profite du spectacle!

Histoire sexy

Date 23/07/2021 Coquine Angela Vidal Durée 55 mins