Adele Virgin, sa toute première fois

Adele est encore vierge, à 20 ans.
Çà parrait incroyable... elle est si jolie. Mais elle voulait attendre.
Pour que çà première fois soit parfaite, comme dans un compte de fée.
Lorsqu’elle m’a rencontré, je lui ai fait promis une expérience inoubliable.
Du rêve, des paillettes, beaucoup de plaisir,

ET EN PLUS, je lui apprendrai tous les secrets qui feront d’elleune experte du sexe, qui rendra folle de désire tous les hommes qui auront la chance d’enfoncer leur queue dans sa petite fente innocente.

Aujourd’hui, je vais exocer ces rêves de jeunes fille.
Il est temps de commencer la leçon!

Date 29/09/2020 Coquine Adele Virgin Durée 43 mins

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$40,000 VIP ESCORT
$40,000 VIP ESCORT
$40,000 VIP ESCORT

$40,000 VIP ESCORT

We are here with a new very hot scene! This is a great foursome group sex with lesbian licking, pussyfucking and anal sex! You'll see amazing Lilu Moon and a new hot and beautiful girl lookign very innocent for suck a hardcore action.

So, Jean-Marie has a special, very important guest today and wants to entertain him in the best way he can. Providing the most beautiful girls money can buy in this city is a win-win!

Lilu Moon is a gem herself and her friend Sola Zola.. cute, innocent looking and still very sexy and.. can suck an orange absolutely dry through a small hole, if you know what I mean! So, Jean-Marie agrees to pay the requested price of $40,000 so easy just like it were a cheap cup of coffee (and we know, it's not at all!) - he gonna do everything for his VIP guest to be impressed and satisfied!

The girls play with each other for a while, kissing and licking Sola's pussy, continue with giving a blowjob each to her man and.. Let the Group Sex Begin!

Enjoy seeing young shaved pussies fucked hard and Lilu's ass drilled by hard dicks! She loves that so much!

Date 06/10/2020 Coquine Lilu Moon, Sola Zola Durée 44 mins

Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks
Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks
Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks

Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks

Lola est une fille avec très peu d’expérience.

Il se trouve, qu’elle ne s’est encore jamais prise une bite dans le cul.

En tant que sex-coach, je pouvais pas la laisser dans dans cette situation.

Je lui ai donc prété mes sex-toys pour la semaine,

Histoire qu’elle s’entraine à se dilater l’anus, à se faire des lavements,

bref: qu’elle soit enfin prête à prendre du plaisir avec son petit trou.

Mais avant de recevoir sa leçon, il va quand même falloir qu’elle me prouve sa motivation.

Histoire sexy

Date 06/10/2020 Coquine Lola Young Durée 31 mins

Anal school avec Kate Rich
Anal school avec Kate Rich
Anal school avec Kate Rich

Anal school avec Kate Rich

Après l'école, Kate adore se caresse le minou,
pendant qu'elle mate des vidéos sur
Voir des anus dilatés la passionne,
elle rêve de sentir un jour cette sensation magique.
Et bien sûre elle adore les grosses bites de blancs.
Un peu comme celle de son oncle.
Et devine quoi?
Aujourd'hui il la surprend pendant sa séance de masturbation.
Que va t'il se passer???? Ho putain le suspens est intense!!!!!

Date 17/10/2020 Coquine Durée mins

Anal Fuck for Shoes
Anal Fuck for Shoes
Anal Fuck for Shoes

Anal Fuck for Shoes

Sugar Daddy comes home having a gift for his young sweet girl. Seeing a pair of new beautiful shoes Keoki goes mad and grabs it with both hands! She can't stand waiting to have the shoes on and behaves like a bad moody girl!

That's not the way she can treat her sugar Daddy! Jean-Marie orders Keoki to go to her bedroom and stand on her knees. This girl gonna be spanked and will have to lick a special lollipop using the tip of her tongue only before she can touch the new shoes again!

See what happens when Keoki gets her daddy satisfied with how she licked his big lollipop and then puts her new shoes on! She is happy! She wants her daddy's big dick in her ass! 

Girls can do whatever you want for a pair of beautiful shoes!

Date 29/09/2020 Coquine Keoki Star Durée 39 mins

Anal Massage Delivery
Anal Massage Delivery
Anal Massage Delivery

Anal Massage Delivery

Kate Rich was having a rest lazily wandering hands all over her naked body. After a busy day she has just had a warm shower and now was lying with a feeling of peace, ease and desire for something.. for some relax and satisfaction. Kate's fingers were touching her soft skin, slightly tweaking nipples, caressing slim belly and going down to the pussy lips.. Oops, one naughty finger dove into her tight anus.. so quickly and easily that one could have thought it happened unintentionally! But the girl's hands knew what to do!

Becoming more and more horny, Kate called her masseur and asked to come: she wanted an oil massage. She is a foxy girl and knew that some oil will obviously get on her cock hungry anus and.. Oh, Kate definitely had a tricky plan!

Horny girl undressed and laid on her bed when the guy came. That was Jean-Marie Corda - a big specialist in oil massage, relaxation massage and.. Anal Massage! What a coincidence!

When he started massaging Kate's back, that nasty chick just couldn't stand not to rub her already wet pussy. When Jean-Marie was massaging her tiny breasts, the girl's legs moved apart just automatically and her finger dove into that asshole again! Once Jean-Marie noticed that fact, hard dick popped out to perform a deep and passionate anal oil massage! Kate will not be disappointed, her anus gonna be penetrated and massaged in all possible ways! That is what naughty Kate Rich calls Anal Massage Delivery!

Date 15/10/2020 Coquine Kate Rich Durée 46 mins