Shrima Malati: La croisière anale (partie 2/3)

J'ai bien dormi! Çà c'est des vacances.
On est à peine le deuxième jour et çà a très bien commencé.
Hier Shrima m'a rendu fou en faisant le ménage à 4 pates (clique ici pour voir la vidéo).
Aujourd'hui je lui dilate la rondelle avant de l'emmener à la plage!

Et clique ici pour voir la suite ;-)

Date 08/10/2021 Coquine Shrima Malati Durée 55 mins

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Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks
Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks
Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks

Vierge anale innocente avec Dreadlocks

Lola est une fille avec très peu d’expérience.

Il se trouve, qu’elle ne s’est encore jamais prise une bite dans le cul.

En tant que sex-coach, je pouvais pas la laisser dans dans cette situation.

Je lui ai donc prété mes sex-toys pour la semaine,

Histoire qu’elle s’entraine à se dilater l’anus, à se faire des lavements,

bref: qu’elle soit enfin prête à prendre du plaisir avec son petit trou.

Mais avant de recevoir sa leçon, il va quand même falloir qu’elle me prouve sa motivation.

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Anal casting with Elena Vedem
Anal casting with Elena Vedem
Anal casting with Elena Vedem

Anal casting with Elena Vedem

Here is the second part of Elena Vedem's porn casting! In this video Jean-Marie checks how tight this blonde cutie's asshole is. And it's tight!

Lying on a bed Jean-Marie was enjoying Elena's hot striptease show. Having come closer Jean-Marie found a pink buttplug in the girl's ass! It had to be replaced by a real thick dick asap! Well, Elena didn't have anything against, she was really enjoying sucking her toy and having her ass penetrated deep and fast. Buttplugs can't bring such a pleasure!

Jean-Marie's anal sex checklist consisted of specific set of poses:
- Standing;
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- Timeless classic, of course.

Elena (and her ass) proved herself perfectly in every way she had been fucked! Jean-Marie even alternated the holes from time to time and drilled the girl's pussy with that big clit but.. the young tight anus WON!

Enjoy the show!

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Uncle Bob and Sex Gaming

Uncle Bob and Sex Gaming

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Alice was using her Hitachi magic wand to drive the car on the screen and not only was playing well but all the vibrations made her clit feel like it was leaning against a 600 hp engine! It was something similar to what she felt riding a muscle bike without panties but 100 times better and it was amazing!

Alice wanted more power and took uncle Bob's personal hard "joystick" out of his pants, starting to lick and suck it. Some magic happened then! The game and reality mixed! Alice wanted to get her uncle Bob's stick deep inside to feel the most unity between her and the car driver... 

Somehow the horny girl knew that the most scores she would get for getting uncle Bob's big and hard joystick in her tight asshole...

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Daddy's cock #1
Daddy's cock #1
Daddy's cock #1

Daddy's cock #1

Bella was spending time with her friends when a SMS from her sugar daddy came. The text surprised her as she didn't know what it actually meant and what she was supposed to do. "Prepare your anus, I am coming," SMS was saying.

The discouraged girl shared the SMS text with her friends who actually were much more slutty and experienced in what men wanted from young innocent college girls. Gina and Roxy volunteered to help Bella with the task of preparing her anus for.. for her Daddy.

Gina asked Bella to pull up her skirt and Roxy took a nice glass dildo out of somewhere. Making Bella open and raise her legs, Gina put some lubricant on the glass toy and Roxy started to insert it into Bella's tight and innocent asshole. God, she was nervous, she was breathing so heavily! At the same time the girl said that the toys was very beautiful and she had never felt anything like that before!

In just minutes the innocent young chick started to enjoy anal masturbation turning into a nasty young slut (with the help of her naughty friends) ready for her sugar daddy's cock! Soon she took the dildo into her own hands, masturbating her asshole deep and fast. 

The girls even started to make selfies all masturbating at the same time. This is a naughty lesbian scene you shouldn't miss! And don't forget: Daddy's coming for Bella's anus very soon!

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La leçon de peinture
La leçon de peinture
La leçon de peinture

La leçon de peinture

Tous les lundi, après l’école,
Isabelle rentre vite à la maison pour son cours particulier.
Elle a une réelle passion pour la peinture.
Mais son père lui dit souvent: “tu n’as a aucun talent ma pauvre fille”

Et c’est vrai: elle n’a aucun talent, et elle n’en aura jamais.
Ce qu’elle a par contre, c’est un désire énorme pour son prof de peinture.
Elle n’a jamais osé lui avouer quoi que ce soit.
Mais à chaque cours, juste avant de commencer,
elle s’introduit son plug anal dans l’anus, 
en rêvant qu’un jour elle puisse avouer ses sentiments à son professeur.

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Date 01/10/2021 Coquine Isabelle Stern Durée 36 mins