La partie de billard avec Natalya

Salut Frérot! Aujourd’hui c’est un peu l’avantures,
je suis partit jusqu’au fin fond de la finlande.
Dans le petit village de Karkola,
Pour retrouver Natalya.

On s’est rencontré un peu par hasard sur Facebook,
Une fille adorable, qui m’a envoyé quelques photos innocentes.
Elle m’a avoué qu’elle s’ennuyait un petit peu dans son village.
C’est très joli, mais il se passe pas grand chose.

Alors je lui ai dit ce que je faisais, je lui ai parlé de mon site de coaching sexuel.
Et là, elle m’a envoyé de nouvelles photos.

Donc forcément, je lui ai proposé une rencontre.
Ce weekend ces parents ne sont pas là, et elle est toute seule à la maison.
Donc... on va en profiter.

Date 08/10/2021 Coquine Natalya Durée 43 mins

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Première anale de Kate Rich
Première anale de Kate Rich
Première anale de Kate Rich

Première anale de Kate Rich

J’ai rencontré Kate à la gym.
Une jeune fille adorable. 
Et rapidement... on s’est mis à parlé de sex.
Elle m’a avoué que son ancien petit copain était assez coincé, et avait toujours refusé de pratiquer le sexe anal.
Résultat: elle était obligé de se satisfaire elle même avec ses sextoys.
Suite à mes bons conseils, elle a fini par se débarasser de ce looser,
Et venir chez moi pour me montrer sa collection de sextoys.


Date 04/10/2021 Coquine Kate Rich Durée 50 mins

Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

Jean-Marie wakes up and sees two amazing young girls sitting on his bed all nude and.. going to kiss him! It seems to be a sweet dream! Is he still sleeping?

The two beauties lift the blanket and snuggle up to the source of man's power. The man's flesh raises its head and hardens fast under the girls' tender fingers and wet tongues whirling in a dance around the hard shaft from the balls to the very tip of the head, meeting above and turning into a passionate lesbian kiss.

Watch these two hot girls taking turns riding Jean-Marie's morning hard-on. Young bodies in sexy straps, perky tits and wet shaved pussies - this is a surprise every healthy man would love to have every morning. Or... once a month. Or once a year at least! And sometimes dreams come true!

Date 03/10/2021 Coquine Gina Gerson, Stephanie Moon Durée 37 mins

Game of Porn Episode 5: Dark Memories
Game of Porn Episode 5: Dark Memories
Game of Porn Episode 5: Dark Memories

Game of Porn Episode 5: Dark Memories

Sometimes life is a real bitch. Lady Sansa expected something better than being fucked like an animal by her midget / dwarf husband for her Honeymoon.

Now she tries to forget that horrible wedding night and takes a bath 10 times per day to clean her soul, body and drilled anus from stinky midget jeez.

Hopefully Myranda, the sexiest cousin of the Kingdom, came to Lady Sansa's place today to take care of her emotional condition and her poor but so sweet pussy.

After some shy kissing both princesses lose their mind and finally go crazy playing with their crystal anal plugs.

Date 19/10/2021 Coquine Elin Flame, Mia Bandini Durée 23 mins

Halloween Bitches #2
Halloween Bitches #2
Halloween Bitches #2

Halloween Bitches #2

Two halloween bitches pretending to be Lady Gaga and Britney Spears hunt for candies and money again! They have to search hard to earn something on the Halloween Eve! 

This time the two sluts come to another house which owner tells them to go away first but them gives the annoying girls some magic sweets which make them horny and ready for everything...

"I have another very special candy, - he says. - My biggest and sweetest candy!"

The girls were impressed! No matter how hard they tried to lick that special candy, it never became smaller, it only grew bigger and harder!

"I want it in my ass!" - the one pretending to be Britney Spears said.

"And I want it in my pussy!" - Lady Gaga said!

And don't doubt, both naughty girls got what they wanted! Moreover, they got hot cream filling of this hard candy in the very end as a prize!

Date 07/10/2021 Coquine Keoki Star, Leah Meow Durée 58 mins



I have found this sexy girl from Instagram just on the streets. It was young and beautiful (and also very naughty!) Keoki Star!!!

She is fuckin' amazing. She's always posting hot sexy pics and I'm her big fan. I came to her and offered some cash for a coffee with me.

Then some more cash for private pictures in public toilets.

Very soon my fat cock was in her wet and hungry mouth.

After a good blowjob I fucked her pussy so hard and good, that she was screaming in pleasure and her pussy was leaking juices - this girl is a real slut.

That's what I call a real fan-service!

Date 12/10/2021 Coquine Keoki Star Durée 22 mins