Anne Rice

La petite Anne veut faire un peu d'argent de poche avec sa webcam.
Mais manque de bol, Oncle Bob lui tombe dessus et l'encule par surprise!
Ce film, c'est le scénario de l'année. Fillez moi un oscar! Plus vite que çà.
Hop hop hop!

Date 02/08/2020 Coquine Anne Rice Durée mins

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Hot Shower
Hot Shower
Hot Shower

Hot Shower

Inviter une fille à boire un café, c’est ringard.
Et puis franchement c’est chiant.
Quand j’ai rencontré la petite Shrima Malati,
je l’ai directement invité à me froter le dos.
Çà l’a amusé, elle m’a pas pris au sérieux.
Mais maintenant qu’elle est dans ma salle de bain,
C’est moi qui vais m’amuser.

Histoire sexy

Date 17/07/2020 Coquine Shrima Malati Durée 24 mins

Japan pop-sluts
Japan pop-sluts
Japan pop-sluts

Japan pop-sluts

Two hot girls Keoki Star and Roxy Lips decided to become pop stars in Japan and went on a tour with their one and only all-in-one producer Jean-Marie Corda. If you want to become popular among japanese teenagers, you don't really need to sing extremely well, but you must be extraordinary, eccentric and dance teen girls style!

This is what the two girls were practicing in their hotel room under Jean-Marie's supervision. They were not doing well. Not even close to what their producer wanted from his rising pop-stars. The choreography was bad, the girls couldn't move synchronously and all this made Jean-Marie go mad. 

Making big efforts to calm down Jean-Marie caught a great idea which suddenly came to his mind. He gave the girls a big double dildo, told them to insert it into Keoki's ass and Roxy's pussy and start to try to move synchronously! The method seemed to work unexpectedly well!

The second excercise for the young pop sluts was to synchronously suck their producer's hard cock! And they did it perfectly as well!

The third excercise was for teamwork. Let's see how the two hotties work in team in this threesome anal sex session! I suppose, the producer will be completely satisfied!

Date 15/07/2020 Coquine Keoki Star, Roxy Lips Durée 37 mins

Anal Punk
Anal Punk
Anal Punk

Anal Punk

Oncle Bob organise encore un shooting pour sa marque favorite de sous-vêtements: My-Mokondo!
Pour l'occasion il a embauché 2 adorables punquettes: Nadya et Keoki Star.
Recouvertes de tatouages et piercing, de vraies petites rebelles!
Sauf qu'en fait, l'une d'entre elle était encore vierge du cul. 
Qui aurait cru trouver tant d'innocence dans cet anus de teen?

Date 30/07/2020 Coquine Durée mins

Halloween Bitches #1
Halloween Bitches #1
Halloween Bitches #1

Halloween Bitches #1

Two naughty girls came to Jean-Marie Corda's place in Halloween costumes asking for sweets. Being very busy with an important phone call, he asked the young beauties to wait inside and settle down on the sofa.

While the girls were playing in their witch hats, short skirts and pink ears, Jean-Marie noticed cheap artificial chinese tails in their assholes and - worrying about their gentle and sensitive back holes - insisted on removing and checking those young tight anus! Fortunately, everything seemed to be fine, low quality chinese toys didn't make any harm yet!

Remembering about Halloween tradition, Jean-Marie brought two big red lollipops for the girls which they actually liked to lick.. But that also made him think that he had something better for their hungry mouths, a bigger and sweeter lollipop: a cream filled candy of his own!!!

Watch one of the girls getting that big hard candy deep in her asshole and the other - in her pussy, all girls love those natural candies! Moreover, after sucking the lollipop rewarded both girls with hot sweet cream they wanted to eat so much... Isn't it great, when candies have filling? ))

Date 17/07/2020 Coquine Keoki Star, Leah Meow Durée 55 mins

Casting Anal avec Lita Phoenix
Casting Anal avec Lita Phoenix
Casting Anal avec Lita Phoenix

Casting Anal avec Lita Phoenix

Salut frérot!
Aujourd'hui j'accueil Lita Phoenix... et comment dire...
Sérieusement, même les stars de cinéma ont moins de classe que cette jeune fille de l'Est.
Un corps de rêve, des seins énormes, de grands yeux verts, un visage d'ange... et elle encaise l'anal comme une pro!
Il me faudra du temps pour m'en remettre.

Compte rendu des performances:
- énergie: 13/20 c'est son point faible, elle est très polie, mais sosciabilise assez peu en dehors de la scène.
- sensualité: 19/20 un corps parfait, ultra bonne à baiser 
- dilatation anale: 17/20 elle gape à l'aise, encaisse sans broncher, une pro!
- mention spécial: une beauté exeptionelle, quelle bonheur de baiser des filles de ce niveau.

Moyenne et résultat:
16,3/20 petite princesse. C'est une réussite!
Je donne ma validation!

Casting Meilleurs baises

Date 23/07/2020 Coquine Lita Phoenix Durée 36 mins