Clean my balls #3

Enfin! Le 3eme épisode de la plus grande saga du cinéma porno:
(en français: "astique mes couilles")
Le film culte aux 14 Oscars, salué unanimement par la critique.
Il n'y a pas de mots pour décrire ce chef-d'oeuvre.

Date 17/10/2021 Coquine Lilu Moon Durée mins

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Something is missing
Something is missing
Something is missing

Something is missing

Novice porn model Sasha Sparrow wants to become a real pornstar so much.. She asks her producer Jean-Marie Corda if she can ever do that, can become a well known super star in adult industry.

Jean-Marie is sure that Sasha has all the makings to become a porn star but... something is missing! She needs to master one more skill which every self-respecting porn model has. Fortunately, Jean-Marie has everything they need to do that! He takes out a nice pink buttplug with a diamond, puts some gel on it and inserts it into Sasha's virgin anus. The girl has never had such a decoration in her ass and enjoys the feeling of having her anus filled.

However, when they want to take the toy out, a sudden problem appears! The tightened asshole doesn't let it go! It seems that Sasha's virgin ass is too small and tight! The girl gets scared and starts crying..

Well, you have to check the full video to know what instruments and techniques Jean-Marie used to save the young tight ass from constipation!

Date 03/10/2021 Coquine Sasha Sparrow Durée 53 mins

Anal Massage
Anal Massage
Anal Massage

Anal Massage

Today JM Corda invited a sexy girl who worked in a cafe for a massage.
"Just a massage?" she asked.
Yep, just a massage, deep into her tight ass!
She came so sweet with all her fruits to make a cocktail.
she was in a good mood, the athmosphere was so spiritual, how could she refuse an oil massage with aromatic coconut oil?
Soon enough Rainy was sucking Jean-Marie's big fat cock, begging for deep anal massage.

Date 22/09/2021 Coquine Durée 25 mins

Hot Shower
Hot Shower
Hot Shower

Hot Shower

Inviter une fille à boire un café, c’est ringard.
Et puis franchement c’est chiant.
Quand j’ai rencontré la petite Shrima Malati,
je l’ai directement invité à me froter le dos.
Çà l’a amusé, elle m’a pas pris au sérieux.
Mais maintenant qu’elle est dans ma salle de bain,
C’est moi qui vais m’amuser.

Histoire sexy

Date 25/09/2021 Coquine Shrima Malati Durée 24 mins

Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot
Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot
Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot

Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot

Salut frérot!
Aujourd'hui j'accueil Daniella Margot, jeune fille de 19ans, débordante de formes et d'ambitions pour son premier CASTING ANAL!!!!

Compte rendu des performances:
- énergie: 14/20 adorable, mais a encore un peu de mal à se lâcher
- douceur de la chatte: 19/20 exeptionnelle
- dilatation anale: 13/20 elle encaisse, mais elle a du mal. Gap assez peu
- mention spécial: un corps exeptionelle, ronde mais très bien proportionnée. Un cul ultra bombée, sur lequel on rebondi comme sur un trampoline. Des yeux magnifiques.

Moyenne et résultat:
15/20 petite coquine TRÈS prometteuse. Je la baiserai à l'aise en dehors du boulot, et lui proposerai d'autres films à plus gros budget. C'est une réussite!
Je donne ma validation!


Date 22/09/2021 Coquine Daniella Margot Durée 50 mins

Take it easy, Mr. Producer
Take it easy, Mr. Producer
Take it easy, Mr. Producer

Take it easy, Mr. Producer

Ivi Rein dreams to become a star. She runs from casting to casting, looking for her 1st role. Ivi thinks that a role in some romantic movie would be the best way to start her big career.
Mr. Kan, a corrupted movie producer and anal sex maniac, finds Ivi's profile very interesting and calls her immediately!

After some sweet manipulative talk he convinces the young girl to accept a role in a vibrating massage tool advertisement. Soon enough Ivi finds herself with a vibrator deep in her pussy and a buttplug in her anus. Moreover, the producer's hard dick is moving deep in her throat!

Poor girl has never had such an experience before. Of course, she is emotionally shocked by the reality of show business but feels so good in her ass at the same time...

Mr.Kan's big hard cock makes her gape really wide. Ivi can’t stop coming again and again, and when finally her face gets covered with sperm, she realizes who she's become: a real anal slut! Such a good girl....

Date 28/09/2021 Coquine Durée mins