Game of Porn Episode 2: The Dick of the North

Daenerys is back from the Dragon's ride after burning thousands of souls and her pussy is in Fire!

John Snow enters the room when she is teasing her anus with her dragon-cock dildo. What a pleasant surprise! 

"Come here, Dick of the North!" - calls Daenerys.

"Yes, my Queen!" - he replies.

After a sloppy blowjob Daenerys finally jumps on John's hard dick. Suddenly she realises that Tyrion and two slaves have been watching the show from the very beginning!

The dwarf runs fast with his small legs but the queen was able to catch and punish both slutty slaves. After hard ass slapping they end up in a triple blowjob.

The Dick of the North is now ready to fuck his Queen's tight and desirous ass while the slaves eat each other pussies by the side. The slaves will finally eat John's hot sticky sperm right from Dany's pussy. Such a gift for them as they haven't eaten anyhting for the whole week!

Date 25/05/2020 Coquine Purple Bitch Durée 24 mins

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Lilu Moon's First Anal (part 2/2)
Lilu Moon's First Anal (part 2/2)
Lilu Moon's First Anal (part 2/2)

Lilu Moon's First Anal (part 2/2)

It was Lilu's birthday, that's why we had all those balloons in the bathroom with us. We were having a lot of fun teasing each other, playing games, kissing and petting in the jacuzzi.

I had a present for Lilu waiting in the bedroom - a big pink bunny she'd been looking at with so much wish in her eyes every time we were passing a local "Toys R Us" store (later you will se how happy she was with that, making nude selfies with the bunny!).

However, I also had something special for this beauty! The main present was supposed to be... her first time anal penetration!I knew the girl was ready for that new sex experience and I tried to do everything for her to like being fucked in her young tight ass (and I did succeed, Lilu became a real anal sex fan - this is how tenderness and accuracy important in sexual pleasure and habits).

Lilu was amazing! She is one of my favourite models, very nice and easy going person. I knew she would become a real star, which is exactly what happened less than in a year.

Date 17/05/2020 Coquine Lilu Moon Durée 42 mins

Massage érotique
Massage érotique
Massage érotique

Massage érotique

Salut frérot :-)

La fille que tu vois à l’écran, c’est la somptueuse Lilith.

Un diamant rare, tu ne la trouveras que sur mon site.
Elle n’est pas actrice porno, elle n’a tourné avec personne d'autre que moi. 

Et si elle a accepté, c’est parce que notre film était un film éducatif.
 Dans lequel j’apprenais au mec comment donner un massage érotique aux femmes.

Ce que tu vois là, c’est la version du film sans mes commentaires.

En quelques sortes… c’est la sex-tape de notre film éducatif.

Lilith est une amante fantastique, je me considère très chanceux d’avoir pu lui faire l’amour. Et sit u veux voir d’autres videos avec elle, tu trouveras sur mon site
quelques autres sex-tapes en mode amateur.

Mais franchement, meme si elle n’est pas une actrice porno,
je trouve qu’elle a plus de talent que 90% des pornstar avec qui j’ai eu la chance de baiser.


Date 14/05/2020 Coquine Lilith Durée 55 mins

Kate Rich aime le sport
Kate Rich aime le sport
Kate Rich aime le sport

Kate Rich aime le sport

C’est la rentrée des classes, et pour la première fois, Kate a son propre appartement.
Comme d’habitude, il aura suffit de faire les yeux doux à son papa pour qu’il cède à son caprice. Il ferait tout pour sa fifille.
Elle est tellement gentille.
Elle n’a que des bonnes notes. Elle fait du sport, elle mange des fruits, elle est si mignonne.
La seule source d’inquiétude, c’est... comment dire...
Kate est très très jolie. Et depuis qu’elle est toute gamine, sa grande passion c’est  d’attirer l’attention des garçons. Pendant les soirées entre amis de son papa, elle apparaissait souvent en petite tenue, et venait s’assoir sur les genoux de tous les hommes. Pour se faire carresser les cheveux, toucher le ventre.
Bref... cette petite à toujours eu le feu au cul.
Et là pour la première fois, elle est seule, dans son propre appartement.
 Quand son père et là, la seule chose qu’elle pouvait faire, c’est jouer en cachette avec les sex-toys de sa mère. Mais maintenant qu’elle est seule... elle peut faire ce qu’elle veut.
Et justement aujourd’hui, elle a répondu à l’annonce d’un coach sportif à domicile.
D’ailleurs, il ne devrait pas tarder à arriver.

Histoire sexy Meilleurs baises

Date 25/05/2020 Coquine Kate Rich Durée 30 mins

Game of Porn Episode 6: Ass In Fire
Game of Porn Episode 6: Ass In Fire
Game of Porn Episode 6: Ass In Fire

Game of Porn Episode 6: Ass In Fire

Myranda is a real slut! She has totally corrupted the mind of her cousin Lady Sansa with her crystal anal plug. 

Now Myranda goes even further: she forces Lady Sansa to get naked in front of two brave soldiers from the "cunt-guard"!

Soon enough they are sucking one of the guard's hard dick while the other one cries for some attention.

However, juicy blowjob is not enough for them, the two naughty girls want guards dicks in their pink gaping assholes.

Date 30/04/2020 Coquine Elin Flame, Mia Bandini Durée 56 mins

Anal Massage
Anal Massage
Anal Massage

Anal Massage

Today JM Corda invited a sexy girl who worked in a cafe for a massage.
"Just a massage?" she asked.
Yep, just a massage, deep into her tight ass!
She came so sweet with all her fruits to make a cocktail.
she was in a good mood, the athmosphere was so spiritual, how could she refuse an oil massage with aromatic coconut oil?
Soon enough Rainy was sucking Jean-Marie's big fat cock, begging for deep anal massage.

Date 04/05/2020 Coquine Durée 25 mins