Game of Porn Episode 5: Dark Memories

Sometimes life is a real bitch. Lady Sansa expected something better than being fucked like an animal by her midget / dwarf husband for her Honeymoon.

Now she tries to forget that horrible wedding night and takes a bath 10 times per day to clean her soul, body and drilled anus from stinky midget jeez.

Hopefully Myranda, the sexiest cousin of the Kingdom, came to Lady Sansa's place today to take care of her emotional condition and her poor but so sweet pussy.

After some shy kissing both princesses lose their mind and finally go crazy playing with their crystal anal plugs.

Date 24/10/2020 Coquine Elin Flame, Mia Bandini Durée 23 mins

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Anal Fuck for Shoes
Anal Fuck for Shoes
Anal Fuck for Shoes

Anal Fuck for Shoes

Sugar Daddy comes home having a gift for his young sweet girl. Seeing a pair of new beautiful shoes Keoki goes mad and grabs it with both hands! She can't stand waiting to have the shoes on and behaves like a bad moody girl!

That's not the way she can treat her sugar Daddy! Jean-Marie orders Keoki to go to her bedroom and stand on her knees. This girl gonna be spanked and will have to lick a special lollipop using the tip of her tongue only before she can touch the new shoes again!

See what happens when Keoki gets her daddy satisfied with how she licked his big lollipop and then puts her new shoes on! She is happy! She wants her daddy's big dick in her ass! 

Girls can do whatever you want for a pair of beautiful shoes!

Date 22/10/2020 Coquine Keoki Star Durée 39 mins

"La Dinde de Noël" avec Kate Rich


Pour célébrer les fêtes, rien de mieux que d'embrocher une Dinde sur ma bite!

Le père de Kate Rich a fait l'erreur fatal de me laisser avec son adorable fille, le temps de son rdv busyness. Cette petite nymphomane me faisait les yeux doux depuis des semaines déjà. Alors j'ai prévu le coup et lui ai amené des cadeaux de Noël dont son anus se souviendra.

Histoire sexy

Date 05/10/2020 Coquine Kate Rich Durée 54 mins

A la recherche du téléphone perdu, avec Sofi Goldfinger
A la recherche du téléphone perdu, avec Sofi Goldfinger
A la recherche du téléphone perdu, avec Sofi Goldfinger

A la recherche du téléphone perdu, avec Sofi Goldfinger

Il m’est arrivé un truc de dingue.
Le genre de truc qui n’arrive que dans les pays de l’Est.

J’venais de finir de bosser sur ma dernière vidéo de coaching, j’allais prendre mon cappucino, comme d’hab au cappucino du coin, quand cette nana m’est tombée dessus.
Apparement son téléphone ne fonctionne plus, elle a absolument besoin de passer un coup de fil, et elle me demande si je peux la dépaner.

Elle est très mignone, alors j’me méfie un peu. Si çà se trouve, elle est pas toute seule, et j’vais m’faire braquer mon téléphone. Mais là j’me suis souvenu qu’on était en Finlande, ici y a jamais d’embrouille, je pense qu’elle a vraiment besoin d’aide.

Sauf que là il fait beaucoup trop froid, donc j’l’invite à boir un capucinno avec moi, parce que je veux bien lui préter mon téléphone. Mais au chaud!

ATTENTION SPOILER: cette nana est une total Nympho

Histoire sexy

Date 12/10/2020 Coquine Sofi Goldfinger Durée 48 mins

Halloween Bitches #2
Halloween Bitches #2
Halloween Bitches #2

Halloween Bitches #2

Two halloween bitches pretending to be Lady Gaga and Britney Spears hunt for candies and money again! They have to search hard to earn something on the Halloween Eve! 

This time the two sluts come to another house which owner tells them to go away first but them gives the annoying girls some magic sweets which make them horny and ready for everything...

"I have another very special candy, - he says. - My biggest and sweetest candy!"

The girls were impressed! No matter how hard they tried to lick that special candy, it never became smaller, it only grew bigger and harder!

"I want it in my ass!" - the one pretending to be Britney Spears said.

"And I want it in my pussy!" - Lady Gaga said!

And don't doubt, both naughty girls got what they wanted! Moreover, they got hot cream filling of this hard candy in the very end as a prize!

Date 01/10/2020 Coquine Keoki Star, Leah Meow Durée 58 mins

Game of Porn Episode 2: The Dick of the North
Game of Porn Episode 2: The Dick of the North
Game of Porn Episode 2: The Dick of the North

Game of Porn Episode 2: The Dick of the North

Daenerys is back from the Dragon's ride after burning thousands of souls and her pussy is in Fire!

John Snow enters the room when she is teasing her anus with her dragon-cock dildo. What a pleasant surprise! 

"Come here, Dick of the North!" - calls Daenerys.

"Yes, my Queen!" - he replies.

After a sloppy blowjob Daenerys finally jumps on John's hard dick. Suddenly she realises that Tyrion and two slaves have been watching the show from the very beginning!

The dwarf runs fast with his small legs but the queen was able to catch and punish both slutty slaves. After hard ass slapping they end up in a triple blowjob.

The Dick of the North is now ready to fuck his Queen's tight and desirous ass while the slaves eat each other pussies by the side. The slaves will finally eat John's hot sticky sperm right from Dany's pussy. Such a gift for them as they haven't eaten anyhting for the whole week!

Date 11/10/2020 Coquine Purple Bitch Durée 24 mins