My Dirty Teacher

Jean-Marie Corda is not only a well-known sex coach and porn producer. He can also teach French (porn, however, brings much more profit and in addition is very pleasant!). Some girls - knowing both Jean-Marie's specializations - come to improve their French but wishing to get something more in their minds (and in their ass).

This is what happened today. Foxy Gun, young redhead trickster, came for a french lesson, pretending she wanted to improve her speaking skills. After some initial conversation and practice, the foxy girl asked for some water and went to the kitchen. She was both curious and naughty, and started to look around for something fun. For some reason she found a pretty big glass buttplug among forks and spoons. How could it get there?!

Anyway, without any doubt the young chick raised her leg and inserted the buttplug in her anus with a sigh of painful pleasure. Walking awkwardly she returned to the room and after Jean-Marie's question realized, she had forgotten the water!

Jean-Marie asked to take a french textbook to continue the lesson. Do you think horny Foxy could be thinking anything other than a big fulfilling sex toy stretching her anus at this very moment? Naughty girl leaned to her bag exposing her naked ass in all its beauty letting the teacher look at her young pink gaping asshole and sweet pussy lips leaking with juices.

How do you think the lesson would continue after that? It converted into an anal punishment for this bad bad girl!

Date 12/10/2020 Coquine Foxy Gun Durée 51 mins

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Anal school avec Kate Rich
Anal school avec Kate Rich
Anal school avec Kate Rich

Anal school avec Kate Rich

Après l'école, Kate adore se caresse le minou,
pendant qu'elle mate des vidéos sur
Voir des anus dilatés la passionne,
elle rêve de sentir un jour cette sensation magique.
Et bien sûre elle adore les grosses bites de blancs.
Un peu comme celle de son oncle.
Et devine quoi?
Aujourd'hui il la surprend pendant sa séance de masturbation.
Que va t'il se passer???? Ho putain le suspens est intense!!!!!

Date 25/09/2020 Coquine Durée mins

Pizza Dick Delivery
Pizza Dick Delivery
Pizza Dick Delivery

Pizza Dick Delivery

Three hot girls were bored and couldn't decide what to do. Yukki Amey wanted a pizza, Gina Gerson wanted a real dick,  Keoki Star wanted both and she knew what to do - she called for a pizza delivery! Once the delivery guy came, three hungry half-naked girls just attacked him and dragged into the bedroom.

While Yukki was enjoying the smell of her pepperoni, Gina didn't waste time and got into the guy's pants for a sausage she wanted so much! No need to say that his weak objections didn't stop the hungry chick. But anyway, this lucky man couldn't resist these hot beauties' attack.

Soon the girls were enjoying a hard dick. While one of the girls was riding the real cock, the other one was licking Yukki or fucking Yukki's young pussy with a strapon.

Such a lucky pizza delivery guy, he got to fuck two hottest girls and see the third one riding a strapon on another girl! Yukki seemed to love pizza and girls only but Jean-Marie (yes, that was him!) was enough to work on two hungry pussies!

This is an amazing FFFM foursome scene! Real Pizza Dick Delivery which every naughty girl is dreaming about! (And every delivery guy too, haha!) 

Date 03/10/2020 Coquine Keoki Star, Gina Gerson, Yukki Amey Durée 38 mins

Olympic anal avec Melissa Benz
Olympic anal avec Melissa Benz
Olympic anal avec Melissa Benz

Olympic anal avec Melissa Benz

Salut frérot, j’te présente Melissa Benz.
Melissa travail dans un salon de massage, c’est là où je l’ai rencontré.

On a sympatisé, elle m’a donné son numéro, puis on s’est rencontré quelques fois, en dehors de son boulot. Et cette fille à quelque chose de spécial:
alors évidemment, elle est très jolie, évidemment elle adore le sexe, mais y a autre chose.
Un truc incroyable, qui va te plaire j’en suis sûre:

Melissa est contortioniste.

Histoire sexy

Date 11/10/2020 Coquine Melissa Benz Durée 48 mins

Alice Klay: son premier casting
Alice Klay: son premier casting
Alice Klay: son premier casting

Alice Klay: son premier casting

Aujourd'hui c'est la première séance photo d'Alice Klay!
Un peu d'argent facile pour son argent de poche.
En plus elle adore son producteur. Il est tellement gentil.
Aujourd'hui il a même ammené une bouteille de champagne.
Mais ce qu'elle ne savait pas:
- son producteur est un maniac du sex anal
Que va t'il arriver au pauvre anus d'Alice?
Le suspens est intense!

Date 28/09/2020 Coquine Durée mins

Halloween Bitches #2
Halloween Bitches #2
Halloween Bitches #2

Halloween Bitches #2

Two halloween bitches pretending to be Lady Gaga and Britney Spears hunt for candies and money again! They have to search hard to earn something on the Halloween Eve! 

This time the two sluts come to another house which owner tells them to go away first but them gives the annoying girls some magic sweets which make them horny and ready for everything...

"I have another very special candy, - he says. - My biggest and sweetest candy!"

The girls were impressed! No matter how hard they tried to lick that special candy, it never became smaller, it only grew bigger and harder!

"I want it in my ass!" - the one pretending to be Britney Spears said.

"And I want it in my pussy!" - Lady Gaga said!

And don't doubt, both naughty girls got what they wanted! Moreover, they got hot cream filling of this hard candy in the very end as a prize!

Date 18/10/2020 Coquine Keoki Star, Leah Meow Durée 58 mins