My Dirty Teacher

Jean-Marie Corda is not only a well-known sex coach and porn producer. He can also teach French (porn, however, brings much more profit and in addition is very pleasant!). Some girls - knowing both Jean-Marie's specializations - come to improve their French but wishing to get something more in their minds (and in their ass).

This is what happened today. Foxy Gun, young redhead trickster, came for a french lesson, pretending she wanted to improve her speaking skills. After some initial conversation and practice, the foxy girl asked for some water and went to the kitchen. She was both curious and naughty, and started to look around for something fun. For some reason she found a pretty big glass buttplug among forks and spoons. How could it get there?!

Anyway, without any doubt the young chick raised her leg and inserted the buttplug in her anus with a sigh of painful pleasure. Walking awkwardly she returned to the room and after Jean-Marie's question realized, she had forgotten the water!

Jean-Marie asked to take a french textbook to continue the lesson. Do you think horny Foxy could be thinking anything other than a big fulfilling sex toy stretching her anus at this very moment? Naughty girl leaned to her bag exposing her naked ass in all its beauty letting the teacher look at her young pink gaping asshole and sweet pussy lips leaking with juices.

How do you think the lesson would continue after that? It converted into an anal punishment for this bad bad girl!

Date 25/03/2021 Coquine Foxy Gun Durée 51 mins

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Anal casting with Elena Vedem
Anal casting with Elena Vedem
Anal casting with Elena Vedem

Anal casting with Elena Vedem

Here is the second part of Elena Vedem's porn casting! In this video Jean-Marie checks how tight this blonde cutie's asshole is. And it's tight!

Lying on a bed Jean-Marie was enjoying Elena's hot striptease show. Having come closer Jean-Marie found a pink buttplug in the girl's ass! It had to be replaced by a real thick dick asap! Well, Elena didn't have anything against, she was really enjoying sucking her toy and having her ass penetrated deep and fast. Buttplugs can't bring such a pleasure!

Jean-Marie's anal sex checklist consisted of specific set of poses:
- Standing;
- Doggy;
- Spoon;
- Reverse cowgirl;
- Full Nelson
- Timeless classic, of course.

Elena (and her ass) proved herself perfectly in every way she had been fucked! Jean-Marie even alternated the holes from time to time and drilled the girl's pussy with that big clit but.. the young tight anus WON!

Enjoy the show!

Date 27/03/2021 Coquine Elena Vedem Durée 42 mins

Sweet Bad Yukki
Sweet Bad Yukki
Sweet Bad Yukki

Sweet Bad Yukki

Jean-Marie's girls love role-playing. For example, Yukki loves to be a mistress in femdom sex games sometimes, while Carolina enjoys being a submissive anal slut sometimes.

This time those three had a nice game where everyone enjoyed the sex they liked! Jean-Marie is a well-known anal sex connoisseur and he fucked Carolina's asshole deep and hard. Yukki loves female domination and fucking girls. She enjoyed spanking Carolina's ass and drilling her soaking pussy with a strapon. She played a bad girl in that threesome domination sex.

And.. Carolina. Oh, this young blonde girl is a sex gem. She loves being tied, fixed and fucked in every hole. If you put a gag into her mouth and blindfold her - even better. The feeling of helplessness makes Carolina aroused, her pussy starts leaking like a waterfall. The feeling of being fixed, spanked and fucked gives her the most strong and amazing orgasms.

Date 06/04/2021 Coquine Carolina Sun, Yukki Amey Durée 46 mins

Anne Rice
Anne Rice
Anne Rice

Anne Rice

La petite Anne veut faire un peu d'argent de poche avec sa webcam.
Mais manque de bol, Oncle Bob lui tombe dessus et l'encule par surprise!
Ce film, c'est le scénario de l'année. Fillez moi un oscar! Plus vite que çà.
Hop hop hop!

Date 31/03/2021 Coquine Anne Rice Durée mins

Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot
Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot
Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot

Casting Anal avec Daniella Margot

Salut frérot!
Aujourd'hui j'accueil Daniella Margot, jeune fille de 19ans, débordante de formes et d'ambitions pour son premier CASTING ANAL!!!!

Compte rendu des performances:
- énergie: 14/20 adorable, mais a encore un peu de mal à se lâcher
- douceur de la chatte: 19/20 exeptionnelle
- dilatation anale: 13/20 elle encaisse, mais elle a du mal. Gap assez peu
- mention spécial: un corps exeptionelle, ronde mais très bien proportionnée. Un cul ultra bombée, sur lequel on rebondi comme sur un trampoline. Des yeux magnifiques.

Moyenne et résultat:
15/20 petite coquine TRÈS prometteuse. Je la baiserai à l'aise en dehors du boulot, et lui proposerai d'autres films à plus gros budget. C'est une réussite!
Je donne ma validation!


Date 08/04/2021 Coquine Daniella Margot Durée 50 mins

Pink Holes
Pink Holes
Pink Holes

Pink Holes

Purple Bitch and Keoki Star meet for first time!

First the naughty girls try their cute pink costumes and play like sweet little kittens, but soon enough they plug bubbly toys in each other tight anus to make their tight pink holes fully relax.

When the girls' boyfriends arrive, the real party starts: deep throats full of saliva, pussy hammering, and deep anal penetration.

The two young hot cuties get fucked very hard and end up with gaping assholes and... big smiles on the their happy and satisfied kinky faces.

Date 25/03/2021 Coquine Durée 41 mins