Onlyfans with Daddy

Jean-Marie has a new girlfriend and a new stepdaughter Carolina. Once he was sitting in the kitchen talking to Carolina about how things were going at school. The girl didn't seem to be very interested in studies but was spending all her time in her smartphone.

- It's Onlyfans, - Carolina said idly. Her stepfather remembered MySpace - a social network dinosaur she had never even heard about, so considered him to be sooo old (while - well - still looking quite good and manly). - I will go to my room.

Jean-Marie was happy to have such a good stepdaughter who didn't spend all her time with older boys or in some bad company. She was spending time doing homework and talking to friends in her social network, he thought. What was that? Onlyfans? Let's check what teenagers do these days.

Having a first look, Jean-Marie thought he made a typo in the site address, however after double checking.. Well. He must talk to the girl and teach her not to visit bad sites even if her schoolmates do!

Meanwhile in Carolina's room. The young girl set up her smartphone on a tripod and exposed her shaved holes to the camera just like a pro porn model! She started with a small anal tree and soon enough proceeded with a big black double dildo which slid into her anus so easy like it was a through-passage rabbit hole.

Jean-Marie came to Carolina and said many good words about how good young girls should behave themselves. He hugged his cute stepdaughter and... found a dildo sticking out the girl's asshole! That was a surprise! He needed to punish Carolina so that she would never do such stupid things again! However, when he was spanking her bare ass and trying to take out the sec toy, the girl started moaning and seemed to get extreme pleasure. Carolina involuntarily began to lick and suck her stepfather's dick!

Well, you all know what it usually ends up with... Check the hole movie and see!

Date 01/07/2021 Coquine Carolina Sun Durée 43 mins

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La partie de billard avec Natalya
La partie de billard avec Natalya
La partie de billard avec Natalya

La partie de billard avec Natalya

Salut Frérot! Aujourd’hui c’est un peu l’avantures,
je suis partit jusqu’au fin fond de la finlande.
Dans le petit village de Karkola,
Pour retrouver Natalya.

On s’est rencontré un peu par hasard sur Facebook,
Une fille adorable, qui m’a envoyé quelques photos innocentes.
Elle m’a avoué qu’elle s’ennuyait un petit peu dans son village.
C’est très joli, mais il se passe pas grand chose.

Alors je lui ai dit ce que je faisais, je lui ai parlé de mon site de coaching sexuel.
Et là, elle m’a envoyé de nouvelles photos.

Donc forcément, je lui ai proposé une rencontre.
Ce weekend ces parents ne sont pas là, et elle est toute seule à la maison.
Donc... on va en profiter.

Histoire sexy

Date 06/07/2021 Coquine Natalya Durée 43 mins

Kate Rich aime le sport
Kate Rich aime le sport
Kate Rich aime le sport

Kate Rich aime le sport

C’est la rentrée des classes, et pour la première fois, Kate a son propre appartement.
Comme d’habitude, il aura suffit de faire les yeux doux à son papa pour qu’il cède à son caprice. Il ferait tout pour sa fifille.
Elle est tellement gentille.
Elle n’a que des bonnes notes. Elle fait du sport, elle mange des fruits, elle est si mignonne.
La seule source d’inquiétude, c’est... comment dire...
Kate est très très jolie. Et depuis qu’elle est toute gamine, sa grande passion c’est  d’attirer l’attention des garçons. Pendant les soirées entre amis de son papa, elle apparaissait souvent en petite tenue, et venait s’assoir sur les genoux de tous les hommes. Pour se faire carresser les cheveux, toucher le ventre.
Bref... cette petite à toujours eu le feu au cul.
Et là pour la première fois, elle est seule, dans son propre appartement.
 Quand son père et là, la seule chose qu’elle pouvait faire, c’est jouer en cachette avec les sex-toys de sa mère. Mais maintenant qu’elle est seule... elle peut faire ce qu’elle veut.
Et justement aujourd’hui, elle a répondu à l’annonce d’un coach sportif à domicile.
D’ailleurs, il ne devrait pas tarder à arriver.

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Date 12/07/2021 Coquine Kate Rich Durée 30 mins

Do what Daddy says!
Do what Daddy says!
Do what Daddy says!

Do what Daddy says!

Cute blonde girl Light Fairy receives a video file from her sugar daddy which she clicks immediately without any doubt. Her daddy is such an inventor!

This video is not a usual one when he shows his hard-on or asks to send him her cute nipples or spreaded pussy lips. In this video the daddy is making some calming and fascinating hand passes and his voice sounds so mesmerizing..

The voice spans Fairy's mind and orders to play with her anal toys. Fairy loves to do that and takes her shorts off at once...

When Jean-Marie Corda comes, his naughty girl is all hot and ready for a real dick...

Date 17/07/2021 Coquine Light Fairy Durée 33 mins

Take it easy, Mr. Producer
Take it easy, Mr. Producer
Take it easy, Mr. Producer

Take it easy, Mr. Producer

Ivi Rein dreams to become a star. She runs from casting to casting, looking for her 1st role. Ivi thinks that a role in some romantic movie would be the best way to start her big career.
Mr. Kan, a corrupted movie producer and anal sex maniac, finds Ivi's profile very interesting and calls her immediately!

After some sweet manipulative talk he convinces the young girl to accept a role in a vibrating massage tool advertisement. Soon enough Ivi finds herself with a vibrator deep in her pussy and a buttplug in her anus. Moreover, the producer's hard dick is moving deep in her throat!

Poor girl has never had such an experience before. Of course, she is emotionally shocked by the reality of show business but feels so good in her ass at the same time...

Mr.Kan's big hard cock makes her gape really wide. Ivi can’t stop coming again and again, and when finally her face gets covered with sperm, she realizes who she's become: a real anal slut! Such a good girl....

Date 25/06/2021 Coquine Durée mins

Webcam girl Lola Young meets Jean-Marie Corda
Webcam girl Lola Young meets Jean-Marie Corda
Webcam girl Lola Young meets Jean-Marie Corda

Webcam girl Lola Young meets Jean-Marie Corda

Lola Young est une jeune webcam modèle.
Jean-Marie Corda, son maître et guru,
lui offre généreusement une bonne leçon de spiritualité (et quelques bons coups de bites).

Date 24/06/2021 Coquine Lola Young Durée mins