Take it easy, Mr. Producer

Ivi Rein dreams to become a star. She runs from casting to casting, looking for her 1st role. Ivi thinks that a role in some romantic movie would be the best way to start her big career.
Mr. Kan, a corrupted movie producer and anal sex maniac, finds Ivi's profile very interesting and calls her immediately!

After some sweet manipulative talk he convinces the young girl to accept a role in a vibrating massage tool advertisement. Soon enough Ivi finds herself with a vibrator deep in her pussy and a buttplug in her anus. Moreover, the producer's hard dick is moving deep in her throat!

Poor girl has never had such an experience before. Of course, she is emotionally shocked by the reality of show business but feels so good in her ass at the same time...

Mr.Kan's big hard cock makes her gape really wide. Ivi can’t stop coming again and again, and when finally her face gets covered with sperm, she realizes who she's become: a real anal slut! Such a good girl....

Date 24/03/2021 Coquine Durée mins

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Jeux sensuels et petit minou
Jeux sensuels et petit minou
Jeux sensuels et petit minou

Jeux sensuels et petit minou

Son minou est tellement serré! Mais bon, çà a fini par rentrer :-)

En bonus, une scène éducative pour savoir:
Comment organiser des jeux érotiques avec sa copine 
Comment rassurer et donner de bonnes émotions à une nouvelle fille.
Comment créer des jeux sensuels.
Comment rentrer dans un tout petit minou sans lui faire mal.

Histoire sexy

Date 02/04/2021 Coquine Joana Durée 57 mins

Monster Daddy
Monster Daddy
Monster Daddy

Monster Daddy

Sasha and Yukki are huge anime lovers and often watch sex images together.

One day they were bored - if such naughty girls can ever be bored - and decided to take photos in poses reproducing anime characters. At some moment they saw a super dissolute picture with a blue-haired anime girl spreading her butt chicks and showing a big anal gape.

- Can we do that? - Yukki asked. She persuaded Sasha to try.

Although Sasha did her best to gape her anus, it didn't work. Her tight asshole didn't want to gape. As always, naughty Yukki had a good idea: they will use a glass dildo and lube!

Yukki inserted the sex toy stick into Sasha's ass and... the girls liked it! The redhead one loved how the glass toy looked going deep into the asshole and the receiving brunette was enjoying the feeling of her tight anus filled.

The two naughties started to take photos of themselves in anime style.. But.. they needed something more. They needed to call uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob was a little strange Yukki's uncle but he was a nice guy ready to help. Besides, he had a big tool! The bad girls covered Bob's eyes with panties and Sasha started to suck his quickly aroused dick.

- Something wet is tickling my dick! Is it your cat, Yukki? - asked uncle Bob.

- No, it's not a cat... - his lecherous niece replied.

Watch Yukki masturbating her ass and making her uncle watch while Sasha is sucking and riding the man's dick with all her holes!

Crazy threesome sex story!

Date 05/04/2021 Coquine Sasha Sparrow, Yukki Amey Durée 47 mins

Première anale de Kate Rich
Première anale de Kate Rich
Première anale de Kate Rich

Première anale de Kate Rich

J’ai rencontré Kate à la gym.
Une jeune fille adorable. 
Et rapidement... on s’est mis à parlé de sex.
Elle m’a avoué que son ancien petit copain était assez coincé, et avait toujours refusé de pratiquer le sexe anal.
Résultat: elle était obligé de se satisfaire elle même avec ses sextoys.
Suite à mes bons conseils, elle a fini par se débarasser de ce looser,
Et venir chez moi pour me montrer sa collection de sextoys.


Date 01/04/2021 Coquine Kate Rich Durée 50 mins

Shrima Malati: La croisière anale (partie 3/3)
Shrima Malati: La croisière anale (partie 3/3)
Shrima Malati: La croisière anale (partie 3/3)

Shrima Malati: La croisière anale (partie 3/3)

Aujourd'hui je me suis lâché: j'ai carément loué un yacht pour emmener Shrima Malati naviguer avec les dauphins.
Et cette coquine sait comment remercier son prince charmant! Avec son anus :-)

Clique ici pour voir la première partie de la vidéo

Amateur Meilleurs baises

Date 08/04/2021 Coquine Shrima Malati Durée 43 mins

Sweet Bad Yukki
Sweet Bad Yukki
Sweet Bad Yukki

Sweet Bad Yukki

Jean-Marie's girls love role-playing. For example, Yukki loves to be a mistress in femdom sex games sometimes, while Carolina enjoys being a submissive anal slut sometimes.

This time those three had a nice game where everyone enjoyed the sex they liked! Jean-Marie is a well-known anal sex connoisseur and he fucked Carolina's asshole deep and hard. Yukki loves female domination and fucking girls. She enjoyed spanking Carolina's ass and drilling her soaking pussy with a strapon. She played a bad girl in that threesome domination sex.

And.. Carolina. Oh, this young blonde girl is a sex gem. She loves being tied, fixed and fucked in every hole. If you put a gag into her mouth and blindfold her - even better. The feeling of helplessness makes Carolina aroused, her pussy starts leaking like a waterfall. The feeling of being fixed, spanked and fucked gives her the most strong and amazing orgasms.

Date 25/03/2021 Coquine Carolina Sun, Yukki Amey Durée 46 mins